Monday, 1 April 2013

My idea of a Warm Welcome

Hey all peoples of the world, since this is my first blog, I want to give you a quick detour of how my blog will work...

  • If you see a #Bible verse (they're bold and red, you can't miss them) then that means, pull out your Bible, and get reading up on those scriptures! 
  • You may also see  Names  looking like this, which means I would highly recommend you searching them up, because it will most definitely be worth your time, whether it be a preacher on the radio, television, or even people of the Bible! 
  • If you see writing that is highlighted in a palish-red colour, then this is food for thought, and something that I want you to think about or remember during the day
  • And lastly this, this and THIS, just means, I want you to listen carefully and read this a hundred times, if that's what it takes for you to remember it.
I think I've covered pretty much all of them, but if there are any more symbols or highlights that I want you to look out for, I'll be sure to update you!
~Peace out, Jen

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